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Butterfly Buddy Club

Welcome to the Butterfly Buddy Bonanza! 🦋 Our Club is not just a gathering; it's a bi-weekly burst of joy for our amazing neurodiverse friends and their families. Picture this: every month, our young arts lovers and their siblings get to dive into a whirlwind of therapeutic and creative adventures that'll make their hearts flutter with excitement! 🌈🎨

6pm-8pm @ Watkins Senior Center, 326 Watkins Avenue, Upper Darby, PA 19082

For children with disabilities and their families!

FREE to children and their families living in Delaware County

Butterfly Buddy Summer Camp

Dive into the whimsical world of our Butterfly Buddy program, specially designed for children with disabilities, where small group sizes guarantee personalized attention with a certified therapist and a delightful assistant or “Buddy” guiding each group. Our daily dose of social skills comes alive through exciting creative arts activities in Art, Music, and Dance/Movement Therapy, sprinkled with the magic of playtime alongside our Buddy dream team. 

Join in the fun with our Buddy traditions, including the catchy “Hello Song,” the camper-created “Goodbye Song”, and several Buddy-partnered projects, designed for camper creativity and friendship fostering. Step into an atmosphere filled with love, fostering a profound sense of belonging within an accepting and encouraging community for your child. It’s not just a program; it’s a joyous adventure with Butterfly Buddies!

Meet Our Team!

Our certified and registered creative arts therapists guide each  session with the help of our assistant “Buddies.”

Each volunteer “Buddy” bridges the gap between the therapists and campers. Buddies receive professional training based on the needs of the camp whom with they are paired.

Music Therapy

Music therapy involves a certified therapist using music to bring about positive changes in the mental, physical, cognitive, or social aspects of the people in our program. These therapists, who are skilled musicians, lead music sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of our Butterfly campers. Through activities like exploring, performing, analyzing, and appreciating music, participants in music therapy aim to enhance their overall quality of life.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is the use of art creation in a therapeutic setting to help with emotional well-being and expression. In a professional relationship, participants engage in making art to boost self-awareness and self-expression. This process helps them develop coping skills for everyday challenges, improve social skills, enhance fine motor skills, and process their internal experiences.


Dance/Movement Therapy is a form of therapy that uses movement to aid cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Therapists in this field encourage participants to express themselves through movement and imagery in a therapeutic environment. This type of therapy connects the mind and body, fostering self-expression, relaxation, and empowering individuals to navigate challenges by using their bodies in unique ways.

What is a SUPERBuddy?

Many of our middle school campers from the first week are welcomed back to become SUPERBuddies to the elementary campers after they receive leadership training during the first week. We see tremendous social growth in our middle schoolers as they are given the opportunity to set the example and guide our younger campers — all under the guided assistance from our Buddies!

Butterfly Buddy Camp Dates and Location

Week One for Grades 6th – 8th: July 22 – 26

Week Two for Grades 3rd – 5th: July 29 – August 2

Camp runs 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: Primos Elementary School 861 Bunting Ln, Clifton Heights, PA 19018

Free for Delaware County Residents

Campers are encouraged to bring snacks for the day.

UDHS Students will be given priority until April 1st

If you have any questions about the registration form or the best choices for your child, please email [email protected]. We would be glad to help!