chuck hagler

Chuck Hagler, Instrument Repair Extraordinaire and Instructor of thousands of music educators across the country for over 40 years, is coming to MusicMan Camp this summer! Chuck Hagler received his formal music training at the Armed Forces School of Music in Norfolk, Va., graduating in 1966. During his time in the military, Chuck was an Army Bandsman, served as a Supply Sergeant, and received a Medal of Commendation. He learned the craft of instrument repair at a professional training facility in Wisconsin. In addition to working as a repair technician in a full-line retail store, Chuck was one of the founders of what went on to become the premier association for professional instrument repair technicians. In his 27 year tenure as Executive Director of that organization, Chuck traveled extensively across the United States many times each year, leading workshops and training seminars. He developed a comprehensive curriculum, designed a system for transporting and setting up a functional repair shop on site and convinced colleges of the need for hands-on band instrument repair courses for the music educator. Since the early eighties, Chuck Hagler has been teaching band instrument repair courses at some of the top universities around the country. We are so excited to have Chuck joining us for a 2nd year!

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